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Lifetime Warranty

JC Auto Glass offers a Lifetime Warranty against any leaks, molding issues or defects in glass. We only use quality glass which ensures long life and the structural integrity of your car.

Warranty Requirements :

You will need to show proof of purchase such as your original work order, or invoice.
At no time will JC Auto Glass reimburse for out of pocket repair expenses unless there is prior approval by an JC Auto Glass Manager.

Illustration of an automotive glass installer installing windshield done in cartoon style on isolated white background.

Warranty Process :

If you have any installation issues with your repair or replacement, please contact us so we can promptly resolve the issue.
Warranty Limitations :

Auto glass damage resulting from vehicle collision, auto theft, vandalism, owner negligence and natural disaster is specifically excluded from our auto glass repair and replacement warranty.

For Further Help Contact :

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